Natural remedies for hair loss are offered in a variety of different options including such hair therapy as meso-elixir, trichology, and customised hair care treatments. The one commonality among these various treatments are the ingredients used, which are all natural. Unlike synthetic and chemical hair therapy products that tend to dry out your hair, damage hair follicles, and potentially make your situation worse, natural hair loss remedies are designed to offer your hair the nutrients, minerals, and supplements it needs from pure products.

Yun Nam is a hair care option that uses a computerised hair scan analysis to create professional all natural hair care treatments. This fully customisable hair care option is overseen by experts to ensure your hair condition is improving and the treatment is working for you.

Exploring Trichology

Trichology is a scientific method designed to help the hair care process. The structure, diseases, function, and care of hair and scalp are examined during this process that uses chemistry, anatomy, and physiology of hair and scalp to derive a helpful result. Nutrition, microbiology, and genetics are utilised in this process, as well, to help you locate an all-natural treatment plan to enhance your hair growth and stop loss.

Meso Elixir Therapy (MEHT)

MEHT is a type of deep tissue hair care in which the all-natural products will reach deep into the scalp to help support new growth and the health of existing hair. Through mesoporation, MEHT delivers a specific serum that has a better chance of absorbing into the scalp. The active ingredients are increased up to 90%, which is about 3 times higher than other treatments on the market. Additionally, this treatment works to stop over production of DHT or Dihydrotestosterone, which is known to cause hair loss in men.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Chinese medicine has lasted several thousand years because it works. It is the root of natural remedies for a number of ailments, including hair loss. Starting with this treatment or using it because you already know it works is a great way to stop your hair loss and promote better growth.

Traditional Chinese medicine uses a holistic approach towards your health, looking beyond just the hair loss symptom to find other health conditions, such as those that might affect the scalp. These are examined for by looking at the texture and colour of your hair. This method uses Chinese herbs of premium grade. Options include Ginseng, Lingzhi, He Shou Wu and Dang Gui. Ginseng is known to increase blood circulation which can be a hair growth and follicle health issue due to lack of nutrients and oxygen reaching the hair. Lingzhi has been found to slow the process of excessive hair loss. He Shou Wu is meant to fight the signs of greying hair and Dang Gui helps hair follicles to absorb more nutrients.

Microstimulation and Herbal Care

Oriental Hair Solutions provide a number of different treatment services from working with the scalp to using bio silk hair therapy to promote better growth, less hair loss, and an overall effective treatment. Using advanced oriental herb extraction that helps with stimulating the scalp, the treatment helps improve your hair health. It is possible to use scalp herbal therapies, soothing therapies including those that will relax and de-stress the scalp, and darkening treatments to work against greying hair.

Other Possible Treatment Options

The above treatments are extremely helpful in providing you with a healthy head of hair and to stop excessive hair loss. However, you may also wish to know about other treatment methods not listed.

All-natural treatments for hair loss have one thing in common, which are the nutrients and herbs used to stop hair loss and promote healthy hair growth. Another possible treatment option for hair loss is the hair treatment pill. The pill is designed with similar herbs and nutrients as topical products, but you ingest the ingredients. There are studies that show the body’s ability to absorb nutrients into the hair through oral remedies have one of the highest success rates. The body is able to breakdown the ingredients. Combining treatment pills with relaxing and de-stressing treatments or personalised hair care products is a great way to ensure long term, effective results.


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