Hair Loss Treatment

Plenty of hair loss treatments can be found when you go shopping around, but of those chemically enhanced treatment options, which is the most effective? Hair loss treatments run the gamut of chemically produced to all natural remedies. Many find that natural remedies for hair loss are better for hair health, growth stimulation, excessive hair loss issues, and your health overall. To provide a comprehensive overview of the various hair loss treatments and how they work, vitamins, shampoos, hair transplantation, laser combs, hair treatment pills, and microbiology/ herbal remedies will all be discussed.

Hair Vitamins

There are specific vitamins such as biotin and Vitamin A that work to promote healthy hair. These vitamins are found in the foods we eat, items we drink, and naturally as plants and herbs. Hair vitamins are designed to enhance your intake of these important nutrients and stimulate hair growth while preventing hair loss. They are a natural remedy in vitamin format.

Other Herbal Remedies

Biostimulation which uses a herbal scalp therapy, which is a topical treatment, as well as microstimulation treatments help with hair growth and stop excessive loss. These treatments are applied directly to the hair for maximum absorption; while also relaxing you as a patient seeking hair treatment. Products using natural herbal remedies can include Ginseng, Dang Gui, Lingzhi and He Shou Wu herbs.

Shampoos for Hair Growth

Shampoos that stimulate hair growth may be all natural or contain chemicals created in a lab. Most find for hair loss treatment that all natural remedies are more effective. This goes back to the herbal remedies that are provided in shampoo or topical hair loss treatments, versus the chemical substances created from synthetic materials in a lab. There are some shampoos for hair growth that are based on traditional Chinese medicine in which the hair texture, colour and scalp are examined to determine if there is another underlying cause of your symptoms.

Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation is an option. It is one of the more expensive choices you have for hair loss treatment. The procedure will take hair follicles from another part of your body and transplant them into your scalp. By taking the entire follicle, including the root, hair that was growing well in another area of your body can begin to grow from your scalp, filling in the balding areas you may have.

Laser Combs

Laser combs are a type of stimulation for your scalp. These combs are designed with red light that is meant to help healthy hair cells grow. By combing your hair with this laser comb you stimulate the hair follicles to grow and cover areas that may be balding. It works like any comb which means you run it through your hair each day, stimulate your scalp, and allow it to work.

Hair Treatment Pills

Pills are designed like vitamins with most online companies. They are completely over the counter options that are healthy, as they contain nutrients, supplements, and minerals necessary for your hair to grow more healthily. They also contain ingredients that work to stop hair loss by promoting better health for your hair.


Trichology is a European hair loss treatment. A specialised hair care professional will look at chemistry and ingredients of products to determine a nutritional hair and scalp remedy for you and your hair. Additionally, this pro examines your lifestyle to help diagnose the cause of your hair loss, balding, and improper hair growth. Once the hair and scalp are diagnosed, it is possible to offer you a specific hair care treatment. By checking the genetics, nutrition, and microbiology of a patient, trichology offers a way to care for the scalp and hair through proper structure and function of the follicles, as well as eliminating any disease that might be an issue.

The above treatments have a range of costs, where some are more expensive than others due to a more involved process. If you want to have healthy hair with less loss and more growth, seeking natural remedies such as pills, vitamins, or customised hair treatments for your condition will certainly help. Correct your hair loss and start to feel better about yourself; about how your hair looks, and its health. By having healthy hair it also means your body is healthier overall.


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