Emphasis is often put on men for hair loss. Ads for hair loss treatments and natural remedies target men, but hair loss is not just an adult male problem. It also affects women and even teens. Hair loss in teens can be more psychologically damaging than in adults, due to the cruelty of other teenagers. With thinning, shedding, and balding issues, a teen can become more self-conscious and eventually suffer depression, more stress, and heightened levels of anxiety.

A high number of teens between the ages of 13 and 19 notice an increased amount of hair loss. In fact, the population is growing more and more for teens who are suffering from excessive hair loss. For most teenagers there are lifestyle improvements that can happen to ensure healthier hair. There are about 7 causes of hair loss which are more prevalent in teens.

Alopecia Areata

This type of hair loss can occur in adults, too; however, it is estimated that about 1 to 2 per cent of teenagers suffer from Alopecia Areata. It is a type of baldness that is concentrated and shows up as a rounded area. It may happen just on the scalp or around other areas of the body. Often it is seen at the crown, sides of the head, and on the arms of teenagers.

Androgenetic Alopecia

This is a genetically linked hair loss issue that tends to affect about two-thirds of the male population. Typically, it is seen in older men; however, this patterned baldness can affect teenagers who are heading into their 20s. In particular females that are about to reach 20 suffer from this type of hair loss.

Female Pattern Hair Loss

Female teenagers typically start to see hair loss when puberty begins. It is linked with hormone levels and stress. Other factors include nutrition that may change during these years with more independence. It is a preventable type of hair loss in female teenagers, particularly if it is related to nutrition or stress.

Hair Pulling and Plucking

Quite a few teenagers are unconsciously pulling or plucking their hair. Twisting hair around the finger, brushing it excessively, or rubbing one’s hands through their hair due to stress can all be related to increased hair loss. Additionally, children and teenagers like to pull each other’s hair for fun or in fights which can lead to excessive damage to the follicles. It can leave the hair thin in particular areas or a pattern of baldness.

Traction Alopecia

A common occurrence in teenagers, this is a thinning or shedding of hair. It can occur due to tension applied to the hair, chemicals, or stress. Finding the behaviour behind this issue will help correct and prevent further damage.

Prescription Medications

Whether taken because of a need or experimentation, prescription medications can definitely result in the loss of hair. A few common issues include early thyroid issues, acne and birth control medications taken by the teenager. There is a list of prescription medications that are known to cause hair loss, including some ADHD medications.

Poor Nutrition

Perhaps the most common of all the causes linked to hair loss in teenagers is poor nutrition. As teenagers grow and look forward to being more independent, they tend to start eating differently. A healthy diet is needed for everyone or malnutrition will result. With improper vitamins, minerals, and macronutrient levels it is very possible for hair loss to occur in teenagers.

When it comes to teenager hair loss, the good news is the condition is often preventable and repairable. It is preventable by avoiding behaviours and diets that make the condition worse or cause it in the first place. Teenagers may not need anything more than a vitamin or hair loss treatment pill based on essential vitamins and nutrients to protect against further hair loss and promote healthy growth.

There are always exceptions which come in the form of underlying diseases and genetic hair loss issues. For these exceptions there are other treatments including hair growth shampoos that can be used in conjunction with pills and vitamins. For extreme cases, laser combs and hair transplantation are also options. Chinese herbal medicine has also been found to help with teenage hair loss as a more natural remedy to the situation.


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